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Volume 5, Pages 367-369
Case Study

Transient Hydroureteronephrosis Caused by a Foley's Catheter Tip in the Right Ureter

Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Christian Medical College, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India

Received 5 March 2005; Revised 5 April 2005; Accepted 10 April 2005

Copyright © 2005 Jacob George and George Tharion.


We report a case of unilateral hydronephrosis following urethral catheterization in a patient with T6 complete paraplegia at the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department in a tertiary care teaching hospital, India. Diagnosis was established by an abdominal ultrasound. The misplaced catheter tip was withdrawn from the ureteric orifice and hydronephrosis was resolved. Foley's catheterization, a widely practiced clinical procedure, is not without its attendant risks of an inadvertent placement in the ureter leading to transient hydronephrosis. Inadequate drainage through a catheter should thus alert one to this potentially hazardous complication that can be diagnosed by an early ultrasound. This complication can be avoided by gently tugging on the catheter after inflating the catheter bulb.