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Volume 8, Pages 934-940
Case Study

Ruptured Jejunal Diverticulum Due to a Single-Band Small Bowel Obstruction

1Department of Surgery, Queen Mary's Sidcup NHS Trust, Sidcup, Kent, UK
2Department of Pathology, Queen Mary's Sidcup NHS Trust, Sidcup, Kent, UK

Received 20 July 2008; Revised 9 September 2008; Accepted 10 September 2008

Academic Editor: Raj K. Goyal

Copyright © 2008 Rajaraman Durai et al.


Jejunal diverticulosis is rare and often goes unnoticed until complications occur. The diverticula are true, acquired diverticula and often asymptomatic. Jejunal diverticulosis can be associated with diverticulosis of the duodenum, ileum, and colon. Here we describe a patient with known severe diverticular disease of the large bowel, who presented acutely with abdominal pain and signs of generalised peritonitis. Laparotomy showed ruptured jejunal diverticulosis with a single band over the terminal ileum, causing small bowel obstruction. Spontaneous perforation of a jejunal diverticulum is rare and is usually an intraoperative finding. One should exclude a precipitating cause, such as coexisting distal obstruction, stricture, or a foreign body.