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Volume 10, Pages 901-916
Review Article

Stem Cell-Based Dental Tissue Engineering

University School of Medicine, 18000 Nis, Serbia

Received 21 December 2009; Revised 1 April 2010; Accepted 13 April 2010

Academic Editor: David L. Tannahill

Copyright © 2010 Petar Zivkovic et al.


The development of biological and biomaterial sciences profiled tissue engineering as a new and powerful tool for biological replacement of organs. The combination of stem cells and suitable scaffolds is widely used in experiments today, in order to achieve partial or whole organ regeneration. This review focuses on the use of tissue engineering strategies in tooth regeneration, using stem cells and stem cells/scaffold constructs. Although whole tooth regeneration is still not possible, there are promising results. However, to achieve this goal, it is important to understand and further explore the mechanisms underlying tooth development. Only then will we be able to mimic the natural processes with the use of stem cells and tissue engineering techniques.