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Volume 10, Pages 380-383
Case Study

Empyema of the Ureteral Stump. An Unusual Complication Following Nephrectomy

1Department of Urology, Martha Maria Medical Center, Nurnberg, Germany
2Department of Urology, St. Antonius Hospital, Gronau, Germany

Received 11 December 2009; Revised 18 February 2010; Accepted 25 February 2010

Academic Editor: Anthony Atala

Copyright © 2010 Apostolos P. Labanaris et al.


A ureteral stump, which is the segment of the ureter left in place after nephrectomy, may occasionally give rise to a pathologic process called ureteral stump syndrome, which is clinically interpreted as febrile urinary tract infections, lower quadrant pain, and hematuria. Empyema of the ureteral stump, which belongs to this syndrome, is an uncommon disease entity presenting with a reported incidence of 0.8–1%. We present a case of empyema of the ureteral stump in a female patient 5 years postnephrectomy for a nonfunctioning kidney, and discuss the clinical presentation, radiologic diagnosis, and therapeutic options of this uncommon disease entity.