The Scientific World Journal / 2012 / Article / Tab 1

Review Article

Evaluation of Six Patients with Pulmonary Carcinosarcoma with a Literature Review

Table 1

Characteristics of the patients.

PatientAgeCigar (pack years)SymptomsEndobronchial ComponentLocalizationDiameter (cm) CT/surgicalPreoperative diagnosis

16390Cough hemoptysisYesRight lower lobe3/3NSCLC (epidermoid)

26640Chest pain, Hemoptysis CoughYesRight central8/10NSCLC with neuroendocrine differantiation

35460Hemoptysis Chest pain CoughNoRight hiler intermediate Bronch5/6,5Carcinosarcoma

45350Hemoptysis Chest pain CoughNoLeft lower lobe10/14,5NSCLC

55530NoLeft upper lobe3/3,7None

65640Chest pain DyspneaNoLeft lower lobe3,7/5,5NSCLC

NSCLC: Non-small-cell lung carcinoma.