Table 1: Local alignment results for fluoroacetate-degrading bacterial isolates 16S rRNA sequences. Sequences were compared to those deposited at the National Center for Biotechnology Information using the regular BlastN algorithm available at Organisms with sequences similar to those of isolates ECPB08 (JQ345720) and ECPB09 (JQ345721) are listed on the second column. Values for the parameters total score, query coverage, and maximum identity are displayed in columns 3 to 5. GenBank access codes are displayed in parentheses.

Isolate (acc. no.)Species/strain (accession no.)Total scoreQuery coverage (%)Max identity (%)

ECPB08 (JQ345720)Pigmentiphaga kullae strain K24 (NR_025112.1)223710098
Pigmentiphaga daeguensis strain K110 (NR_044082.1)221510098
Pigmentiphaga daeguensis strain NML080357 (JN585327.1)219710097
Pigmentiphaga litoralis strain JSM 061001 (NR_044530.1)21529997
ECPB09 (JQ345721)Ancylobacter sp. WPCB135 (FJ006900.1)23889999
Ancylobacter vacuolatus strain DSM 1277 (NR_042794.1)23889999
Ancylobacter dichloromethanicus strain DM16 (EU589386.1)23879999
Ancylobacter polymorphus strain DSM 2457 (NR_042795.1)23729999
Ancylobacter rudongensis strain AS1.1761 (NR_029047.1)23709999
Ancylobacter polymorphus T10AII (GQ921957.1)23589899
Ancylobacter aquaticus (NR_044737.1)23519998
Ancylobacter oerskovii strain NS05 (NR_042655.1)23419998