Table 2: Prospective studies on the effect of geriatric assessment before cancer surgery.

First author, year [ref] 𝑁 Age (min, mean)CancerInterventionResults

McCorkle et al., 2000 [40]37560, NRSolidAdvance-practice nurses (APNs) for postsurgical home careImproved survival with APNs
Repetto et al., 2002 [18]36365, 73Solid and hematologicCGACGA added to PS, even PS is high
Freyer et al., 2005 [41]8370, 76OvarianCGA to predict STox; patient autonomy; comorbidities; nutritional statusCGA predicted toxicity and overall survival
Pope et al. (PACE), 2006 [25]46065, 77Breast, GI, GUPACEPACE associated with complications
Goodwin et al., 2003 [42]33565, ~72BreastNurse case managementImproved management