Table 2: List of quantitative traits of upland rice.

TraitsMethod of evaluation

Plant height (PH, cm)The average of height from the base to the tip of last leaf (flag leaf)
Days to flowering (DF, days)The number of days from seeding to flowering day
Days to maturity (DM, days)The number of days from seeding to maturing day
Flag leaf length to width ratio (FLR, cm)Dividing the flag leaf length to width
Number of tillers per hill (NT, no.)Counting of the tillers per hill
Number of grains per panicle (NG, no.)Counting the number of grains on per panicle
One thousand grain weight (1000 GW, g)200 grains were weighted then 1000 weight grains were calculated from these weights
Yield of plant per pot (YP, g)Weighting total grains per pot
Number of panicles per hill (NP, no.)Counting the panicles per hill
Panicle length (PL, cm)From base of the lowest spikelet to the top of latest spikelet on panicle
Spikelet per panicle (SP, no.)Counting the spikelet per panicle
Spikelet fertility (SF, %)Dividing ripped spikelet to all spikelet