Table 1: Interaction of Cp (ciprofloxacin) in combination with G (gentamicin), trimethoprim (TMP), amoxicillin (Ax) and cefazolin (Cz) against S. enterica serovar Typhi isolates.

Antibiotic combinationMIC (μg/mL)FIC (μg/mL)FIC index

Cp-GCp: 0.75–1.25Cp: 0.008–0.032 0.121–0.216
GM: 0.75–2GM: 0.1–0.2
Cp-TMPCp: 0.5–1Cp: 0.025–0.125 0.14–0.483
Tm: 10–125Tm: 5–10
Cp-AxCp: 1–1.25Cp: 0.004–0.256 0.504–0.832
Ax: 0.5–16Ax: 0.25–10
Cp-CzCp: 0.5–1.25Cp: 0.075–0.25 0.35–0.916
Cz: 2.5–60Cz: 1.25–2.5

FIC: fractional inhibitory concentration; MIC: minimum inhibitory concentration.