The Scientific World Journal / 2012 / Article / Tab 1

Review Article

Influence of Healthcare-Associated Factors on the Efficacy of Hepatitis C Therapy

Table 1

Factors influencing the efficacy of treatment of hepatitis C virus.

Factors associated with individual patients
 (i) Immigration status, race, language
 (ii) Medical condition and comorbidities
 (iii) Alcohols
 (iv) Patient preference
 (v) Appointments and followup
Health care or provider-associated factors
 (i) Health services
 (ii) Reluctance and hesitation
 (iii) Treatment perceptions and contraindications
System factors
 (i) Social factors
 (ii) Insurance coverage
 (iii) Quality of life
 (iv) Psychological wellbeing
 (v) Communications with medical specialists
Miscellaneous (Combined) factors
 (i) Environmental factors, toxic
 (ii) Quality of life
 (iii) Social factors