The Scientific World Journal / 2012 / Article / Tab 2

Review Article

Influence of Healthcare-Associated Factors on the Efficacy of Hepatitis C Therapy

Table 2

Approaches to overcome factors influencing hepatitis C treatment.

Universal approaches
 (i) Pretreatment intervention scheme may be applied
 (ii) Multidisciplinary management caring team (nurse, infectious disease physician, social care worker, psychiatrist)
 (iii) High professional level of management regarding diagnosis, treatment regimens, and followup
 (iv) Educational scheme for patients
 (v) Cooperative and family-like relationship with patients regarding mutual respect, acknowledgement, avoiding frustration, palming, and expectation
Specific approaches
 (i) Patients coinfected with HIV
 (ii) Patients with IDUs
 (iii) Women seeking pregnancy undergoing treatment
 (iv) Alcoholic patients
 (v) Patients with underlying depilated diseases
 (vi) Introduction of case-based management