Table 3: Effect of duration of weed competition on density and dry weight of weeds in both seasons (off-season 2010 and main season 2010/2011).

Weed competition period Off-season 2010 Main season 2010/2011
Density (no./m2)Dry matter (g/m2)Density (no./m2)Dry matter (g/m2)

Weedy until 2 WAS879.67c155.33de950.33c188.33e
Weedy until 4 WAS1073.33b215.00cd1128.00b239.0de
Weedy until 6 WAS1241.00a520.33a1311.00a548.33a
Weedy until 8 WAS979.67b503.00a1033.33bc532.33a
Weedy check471.00d390.00b520.67d431.67b
Weed-free until 2 WAS473.00d342.00b506.00d364.67c
Weed-free until 4 WAS380.67d256.67c421.33d286.0d
Weed-free until 6 WAS206.00e164.33de224.33e181.67e
Weed-free until 8 WAS102.33f107.33e123.67e101.33f

Data for weedy treatments were taken at the time of weed removal, whereas data for weed-free treatments were taken at the time of rice harvest.
Within a column for each factor, means sharing same alphabets are not significantly different at 𝑃 = 0 . 0 5 probability level according to least significant difference test.
WAS = weeks after seeding.