Table 5: Effect of weed competition period on yield components of aerobic rice variety AERON 1 in both seasons (off-season 2010 and main season 2010/2011).

Weed competition period Off-season 2010 Main season 2010/2011
Panicles (no./m2)Grains/panicle (no.)1000-seed weight (g)Grain yield (t/ha)Panicles (no./m2)Grains/panicle (no.)1000-seed weight (g)Grain yield (t/ha)

Weedy until 2 WAS191.0ab72.6ab27.2ab3.37ab177.0a–c72.3ab27.5ab3.46ab
Weedy until 4 WAS163.6bc68.3a–c27.0b2.99a–c162.3bc65.6a–c27.0cd3.07bc
Weedy until 6 WAS150.3cd59.0b–d26.5bc2.5c–e148.0c62.6a–c26.2f2.59d
Weedy until 8 WAS134.0c–e51.0d26.1cd1.98e–f147.3cd60.3bc25.0g2.01e
Weedy check104.0e50.3d24.2e1.68f91.6e53.3c24.2h1.73e
Weed-free until 2 WAS118.3de55.0cd25.5d2.22df110.3de59.6bc26.4ef2.43d
Weed-free until 4 WAS135.3c–e55.3cd26.1cd2.79b–d140.6cd61.6bc26.6e3.01c
Weed-free until 6 WAS152.6cd67.3a–c26.5bc3.22ab165.3bc63.6a–c26.7de3.51a
Weed-free until 8 WAS193.3ab72.3ab27.1ab3.49a198.3a67.3ab27.1bc3.76a
Weed-free check199.0a74.3a27.8a3.61a205.6a73.3a27.8a3.84a

Within a column for each factor, means sharing same alphabets are not significantly different at 𝑃 = 0 . 0 5 probability level according to least significant difference test.
WAS = weeks after seeding.