Table 6: Interactive effects of UV-B radiation and nitrogen on Mg concentration (mg g−1) and Mg acquired (g m−2) by above-ground organs of maize.


N0UV2.402.800.350.823.002.08 a1.220.491.300.82 a
C3.243.170.531.053.032.05 a1.030.581.320.88 a
Mean2.822.99 B0.440.94 C3. B1.31 C0.85 C

N1UV3.233.510.471.193.132.03 a1.250.621.371.15 b
C4.293.510.901.873.051.75 a1.120.751.681.39 a
Mean3.763.51 A0.681.53 B3.091.891.190.68 AB1.53 BC1.27 B

N2UV2.642.780.441.073.322.42 a0.960.731.840.98 b
C3.092.830.741.792.551.49 b1.210.761.611.78 a
Mean2.862.80 B0.591.43 B2.931.961.090.74 A1.73 AB1.38 B

N3UV2.643.200.511.473.172.08 a1.170.741.841.30 b
C2.673.470.732.212.371.51 b1.280.791.812.15 a
Mean2.653.33 A0.621.84 A2.771.791.230.77 A1.82 A1.73 A

MeanUV2.773.130.45 b1.17 b3.16 a2.13 a1.160.651.591.10 b
C3.323.240.73 a1.72 a2.75 b1.70 b1.160.721.601.56 a


Radiation (R)nsns ** *** + ** nsnsns ***
Nitrogen (N)ns+ns ** nsnsns++ ***
R × Nnsnsnsnsns+nsnsns **

Lc: leaf concentration; Sc: stem concentration; La: amount on leaves; Sa: amount on stems; Gc: grain concentration; Ga: amount on grains; UV: high UV-B treatment; C: ambient UV-B treatment; N0, N1, N2, N3: 0, 100, 200, and 300 kg N ha−1.
Means within each N level followed by the same letter (capital letters for N effects within each column) were not significantly different at 𝑃 < 0 . 1 0 . Significance of main effects: ns: not significant, + 𝑃 < 0 . 1 , ** 𝑃 < 0 . 0 1 , *** 𝑃 < 0 . 0 0 1 .