Table 1: Diseases and disorders that cause decreases in human* melatonin secretion independently of apparent tissue destruction in SCN or pineal gland.


SchizophreniaOnly in a subpopulation[57, 58]
Multiple sclerosis with major depressionIn major depression alone, mostly phase shifts instead of decreases [5962]
Primary obsessive-compulsive disorder[63]
Menière’s diseaseRelationship to stress by tinnitus and vertigo?[64]
FibromyalgiaStudied in women[6567]
Pain reduced by melatonin[6769]
Migraine[70, 71]
Critical illness[7274]
Endometrial cancer[75]
Nonsmall cell lung cancerIn part caused by pain?[76]
Acute intermittent porphyriaFurther decreased by seizures[77, 78]
Diabetes type 2[79, 80]

*For preclinical findings of these and other diseases or respective animal models see [3].