Research Article

Psychometric Properties of the Existence Subscale of the Purpose in Life Questionnaire for Chinese Adolescents in Hong Kong

Table 2

Items statistics of existence subscale of purpose in life scale ( đť‘› = 2 , 8 4 2 ).

Items equivalent to PILmeanSDmedianmodeSECorrected item-total correlationSquared multiple correlationCronbach’s alpha if item deletedFactor loading

(1) I am usually completed5.021.385.0050.030.740.600.850.80
(2) Life to me seems always4.971.415.0050.030.700.580.860.77
Exciting—completely routine
(6) If I could choose, I would5.141.745.0070.030.710.510.850.76
prefer never to have been—
embrace my current life
(8) I achieving life goals, I made4.471.295.0050.020.590.400.870.64
no progress—progressed to
complete fulfillment
(9) My life is empty, filled with4.991.545.0050.030.780.620.850.84
despair, running over with good
(12) As I view the world in4.621.555.0050.030.710.520.850.77
relation to my life, the world
completely confuses me—fits
meaningfully with my life
(16) With regard to suicide, I have5.151.976.0070.040.490.350.880.52
thought of it seriously as a way
out—never given it a second