Table 5: Summary of the views of participants towards program instructors.

Participants’ views towards program instructor(s)Respondents with positive responses (options 4–6)
𝑛 % 𝑛 % 𝑛 % 𝑁 %

(1) The instructor(s) had good mastery of the curricula196995.3127995.475299.7400096.1
(2) The instructor(s) understood the needs of participants191592.7123392.174398.8389193.6
(3) The instructor(s) showed good professional attitude203698.5131398.1753100.0410298.7
(4) The instructor(s)’ teaching was clear and easy to understand198396.0127295.175199.6400696.4
(5) Overall speaking, I have positive evaluation of the instructor(s)’ teaching performance196895.3126794.775199.6398695.9

Note. All items are on a 6-point Likert scale with 1: strongly disagree, 2: disagree, 3: slightly disagree, 4: slightly agree, 5: agree, 6: strongly agree. Only respondents with positive responses (Options 4–6) are shown in the table. S1: Secondary 1 level; S2: Secondary 2 level; S3: Secondary 3 level.