Table 6: Summary of the views of participants towards themselves.

Participants’ views towards themselvesRespondents with positive responses (Options 4–6)
𝑛 % 𝑛 % 𝑛 % 𝑁 %

(1) I participated actively during discussion.198295.9127094.872496.0397695.6
(2) I am willing to apply the specific skills and theories learnt from this training program.202197.9129997.074598.8406597.8
(3) After attending the training program, I had confidence in program implementation.190992.6127395.273797.7391994.4
(4) Overall speaking, I am satisfied with my performance.199496.6129897.074398.8403597.1

Note: All items are on a 6-point Likert scale with 1: strongly disagree, 2: disagree, 3: slightly disagree, 4: slightly agree, 5: agree, 6: strongly agree. Only respondents with positive responses (Options 4–6) are shown in the table. S1: Secondary 1 level; S2: Secondary 2 level; S3: Secondary 3 level.