Table 2: Total number of sugarcane upregulated (UR) root tags observed on contrasting SuperSAGE libraries when associated with ESTs classified by Gene Ontology (GO) in the subcategories related to abiotic stress response.

Response againstGO categoriesExclusive UR tagsCommon UR tags after comparison
TT and DT and S

Water deprivation0009414202511
Heat and cold0009408; 0009409195418
Osmotic stress0006970325719
Oxidative stress000697919276
Abscisic acid stimulus0009737243712
Jasmonic acid stimulus00097535196

EST: expressed sequence tag; contrast of libraries [T (TD versus TC); D (TD versus SD); S (SD versus SC)]; Libraries [TD: drought-tolerant bulk under stress; TC: tolerant bulk control; SD: drought-sensitive bulk under stress; SC: sensitive bulk control].