The Scientific World Journal / 2012 / Article / Tab 6

Clinical Study

The Rapid TEG α-Angle May Be a Sensitive Predictor of Transfusion in Moderately Injured Blunt Trauma Patients

Table 6

Prediction of transfusion by CCT, Rapid TEG*, and Kaolin TEG*.


Single indicator
aPTT (sec)>60.05%98%50%69%74%
Fibrinogen (g/L)<3.090%48%43%92%74%
Thrombin time [sec]>13.248%73%45%75%53%
Rapid K (min)>1.868%78%61%83%79%
Kaolin K (min)>1.768%59%46%78%67%
Rapid α-Angle (deg)<74.784%57%49%88%77%
Kaolin α-Angle (deg)<58.572%61%47%82%66%
Rapid MA (mm)<59.668%80%63%83%75%
Kaolin MA (mm)<58.456%88%70%80%70%
Rapid TMA (min)>17.376%57%46%83%69%
Kaolin TMA (min)>24.764%63%46%78%58%
Rapid G (d/sc)<737468%78%61%83%73%
Kaolin G (d/sc)<707356%88%70%80%70%

Combined indicators
α-Angle + Heart RateRapid α-Angle (deg)<7584%75%62%90%
Heart Rate (bpm)>75
α-Angle + HctRapid α-Angle (deg)<7588%73%61%93%
Hct (%)<41

*Cut-offs determined by the data.