Table 1: Solitary plasmacytoma of bones: representative treatment results.

Author 𝑛 f/uLC (%)PMM (%)OAS (%)

Wilder et al. [35]6094 mo906259
Knobel et al. [25]20656 mo795150
Tsang et al. [32]3295 mo876465
Kilciksız et al. [24]572.4 y944.1 y68
Frassica et al. [23]4690895445
Bataille and Sany [33]114>10 y885868
Galieni et al. [40]3269 mo916849

mo: months, y: years f/u: Median followup, LC: Local control (10-year rate), PMM: progression to myeloma (10-year rate), and OAS: over all survival (10- year rate).