Table 1: Nucleotide sequences of observed repeat units. The consensus sequence represents the most common nucleotide observed in each position of the repeats. Twenty variations based on the consensus sixteen base repeat unit are tabulated. Each repeat unit is assigned a letter code. Dots (·) represent a match to the consensus sequence as represented by type H repeat unit. Letters represent nucleotide differences when compared to the consensus sequence and correspond to A, G, C, and T nucleotides. A (-) represents a missing nucleotide in the repeat unit A.

Repeat typeSequence

Type AT CA·C···-A··-···
Type BA CA······A······
Type C············A···
Type D··A·········A···
Type E··A······A······
Type F·········A······
Type G··A·············
Type I··········A·G···
Type J···A······A·G···
Type K··········A·····
Type L·········T······
Type M··········A·G·G·
Type N·········G······
Type O·············G··
Type P··A·········A·G·
Type Q··A·····G···A···
Type R·G·A······A·G···
Type S··A·······A·G···
Type T··A·······A·····
Type U··A·······A·A···