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Research Article

CIB: An Improved Communication Architecture for Real-Time Monitoring of Aerospace Materials, Instruments, and Sensors on the ISS

Table 1

Health and status packet format transmitted once per major frame (once per second).


Unsigned charopto[2]State of optoisolators that determine whether the AO and FTSCE experiments are enabled
Unsigned longlast_poll_timeBeginning of the current polling cycle
Unsigned shortpoll_cyclesNumber of completed polling cycles
Unsigned charpoll_map[20]Determines which experiments are to be polled
Unsigned shortsequence[20]Packet sequence number of each of the experiments
Unsigned charvalid_crc[20] 0×FF = valid
Unsigned longlast_cmd_time[20]Time last experiment command received
Unsigned longlast_cib_cmd_timeTime last CIB command received
Unsigned charvalid_ack[20]0×FF = valid
Unsigned shortcmd_cnt[20]Count of commands sent to experiments
Unsigned shortcib_cmd_cntCount of commands sent to CIB
Unsigned shorterr_cmdCommand for nonpolled APID. Error = APID. 0×FFFF = no error
Unsigned shorterr_pollInvalid polling table received. Unused
Unsigned charlast_cmd[106]Last command transmitted to experiments
Unsigned charlast_cib_cmd[106]Last command transmitted to the CIB
Unsigned charlast_ftsce_cmd[100]Last command sent to FTSCE
Unsigned charftsce_data[124]Data transmitted by FTSCE
Unsigned charreserved[64]