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CIB: An Improved Communication Architecture for Real-Time Monitoring of Aerospace Materials, Instruments, and Sensors on the ISS

Table 4

Materials on the International Space Station Experiment Eight (MISSE8) flown on ISS from May 2011 to present (April 2013).

Short experiment nameAPIDExperiment descriptionProvider

Reflectarray1301Characterize performance of components of a flexible, phased array antennaNASA GRC
SEUXSE1302Xilinx FPGA SEU testingSandia National Lab
Not used1303
Not used1304
PASCAL1305Primary arcing effects on solar cells at LEOLockheed Martin, JAXA, Kyushu Institute of Technology
FTSCE III1306Solar cell health monitoring [2325]NRL, NASA GRC, and AFRL
Not used1307
HyperX1308High performance low-power processor, SEU testing [19]NASA GSFC
SpaceCube “A”1309Advanced processor design SEU testingNASA GSFC
SpaceCube “B”1310Advanced processor design SEU testingNASA GSFC