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Targeting Apoptosis Pathways in Cancer with Alantolactone and Isoalantolactone

Table 1

Molecular targets of alantolactone in different cancer types.

Cancer typeCell linesEC50/concentrationMolecular targetsReferences

LiverHepG2, Bel-7402, SMMC-772140 µMBax/Bcl-2↑, caspase-3↑, STAT3⊥, caspase-8↑, MMP, Bid↑, NF-κB/p65[50, 51]
GlioblastomaU8720 and 40 µMp53↑, Bax↑, Bcl-2, caspase-9↑, caspase-3↑, ADP-ribose, NF-κB⊥, ROS↑[49]
ColonHCT-85 µg/mLactivin/SMAD3 signaling↑, Cripto-1/ActRII⊥[45]
LeukemiaHL-60, K562,
10, 25, and 50 µg/mLROS↑, cytochrome-c↑, Bax↑, PARP,
ADP-ribose, NF-κB⊥, DNA-binding, IκBα phosphorylation↑, p21↑, Bcr/Abl, P-glycoprotein, cyclin B1, cyclin-dependent protein kinase-1,
[32, 56, 57]
LungA5496.25, 12.5, and 25 µM/L[53]
Other cancersMK-1, HeLa, and B16F10[15]

: Downregulation; ↑: Upregulation; ⊥: Inhibition.