The Scientific World Journal / 2013 / Article / Alg 1

Research Article

A Dynamic Scheduling Method of Earth-Observing Satellites by Employing Rolling Horizon Strategy

Algorithm 1

The pseudocode of RHO strategy.
(1) for each timing instant in set   do
(2) RH NULL; Finished NULL; /*Initialization*/
(3) for each task arrived before   do
(4)  if     then/*Delete the planning scheme of */
(5)   Add to set RH; /*RH is the rolling-horizon*/
(6)  else if   and   then/* is a waiting task*/
(7)   Add to set RH;
(8)  end if
(9)  end for
(10) Sort all task in set RH, and schedule each task by Heuristic
    Algorithm in order; /*The pseudocode of this algorithm is given in the following Algorithm 2*/
(11) Add to set Finished;
(12) Update the scheduling decisions;
(13) end for