Table 6: The expression of NKG2D, DAP10, and NF-κB in NK cells incubated with drug.

Group n NKG2D protein expressionNKG2D mRNA DAP10 protein expressionDAP10 mRNANF-κB protein expressionNF-κB p65 mRNA
++++++expression (IOD)++++++expression (IOD)++++++expression (IOD)

A100730 0082 1720
B100181 0037 0082
C100046 0028 0055

Group A: NK cells + VIP; group B: NK cells + VIP + VIP antagonist; and group C: NK cells (control). IOD: the integrated optical density ratio of the target genes (NKG2D, DAP10, NF-κB) to β-Actin.