Table 6: List of plants used to protect yam chips against storage insect pests and their utilisation methods.

SpeciesPart used Role Method of applicationPercentage of farmers using the plants across ethnic groups

Piliostigma thonningii Leaf/barkDyeInfusion 42.8619.401530.3016.6726.4730.30
Lophira lanceolata Leaf DyeInfusion7.46
Blighia sapida Leaf InsecticideInfusion5.97
Bridelia ferruginea Leaf/barkInsecticideInfusion5
Khaya senegalensis BarkInsecticideFumigate 11.11
Tectona grandis Leaf Dye Infusion 19.40512.1214.71
Manihot esculentus Leaf Hardening of the yam chipsInfusion 2.94
Sorghum bicolor Stem/oil cakesDye Infusion 57.1447.777557.5872.2255.8869.70