Figure 1: ABA-dependent and ABA-independent pathways of stress response. MYB and DREB TFs are given as examples to ABA-dependent and-independent routes. While ABA-dependent pathways appear to recruit antioxidant and osmoprotectant mechanisms, ABA-independent pathways generally involve protective proteins. NAC and WRKY TFs provide crosstalk between these pathways; where some members, such as TaNAC4 and TaNAC6, may predominantly act in an ABA-dependent fashion, some members may be closer to ABA-independent pathways. In several cases, such as TaWRKY19, both pathways are employed. It should be noted that both pathways are highly intermingled, and functions of several regulators, such as TaNAC2a, as well as entire pathways are yet to be elucidated.