Table 2: List of identified and characterized drought related genes in the last three years.

GeneFunctionRelated mechanism/stressReference

TaPIMP1Transcription factor: R2R3 type MYB TFDrought [34]
TaSRGTranscription factor: Triticum aestivum salt response geneDrought [35]
TaMYB3R1 Transcription factor: MYB3R type MYB TFdrought[36]
TaNAC (NAM/ATAF/CUC)Transcription factor: plant specific NAC (NAM/ATAF/CUC) TFDrought [37]
TaMYB33 Transcription factor: R2R3 type MYB TFDrought [38]
TaWRKY2, TaWRKY19Transcription factor: WRKY type TFDrought [39]
TdicDRF1Transcription factor: DRE binding proteinDrought [32]
TaABC1Kinase: protein kinase ABC1 (activity of bc(1) complex)Drought [40]
TaSnRK2.4Kinase: SNF1 type serine/threonine protein kinaseDrought [41]
TaSnRK2.7Kinase: SNF1 type serine/threonine protein kinasedrought[42]
TdTMKP1Phosphatase: MAP kinase phosphataseDrought [43]
TaCHPCHP rich zinc finger protein with unknown functionABA-dependent and -independent pathways[44]
TaCPProtein degradation: cysteine proteaseDrought [45]
TaEXPR23Cell wall expansion: expansin Water retention ability and osmotic potential[46]
TaL5Nucleocytoplasmic transport of 5S ribosomal RNA: ribosomal L5 geneDrought [47]
TdPIP1;1, TdPIP1;2Protective protein: aquaporinDrought [48]
TdicATG8Autophagy: autophagy related gene 8Drought [33]
TdicTMPIT1Autophagy: integral transmembrane protein inducible by TNF- Drought [31]
Era1, Sal1 Enhanced response to ABA,
inositol polyphosphate 1-phosphatase
Drought [49]

Ta: Triticum aestivum; Td: Triticum durum; Tdic: Triticum dicoccoides; DRE: drought related element; SNF: Sucrose nonfermenting; MAP: mitogen activated protein; ABA: abscisic acid; CHP: cysteine histidine proline; TNF-α: tumor necrosis factor α; PIMP: pathogen induced membrane protein; CP: cysteine protease; EXPR: expansin; PIP: plasma membrane intrinsic proteins.