The Scientific World Journal / 2013 / Article / Tab 1

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Intrahost Diversity of Feline Coronavirus: A Consensus between the Circulating Virulent/Avirulent Strains and the Internal Mutation Hypotheses?

Table 1

Feline coronavirus membrane (M) gene sequence identities (positions from 26293 to 26907 regarding strain FCoV UU47) from different samples of a same cat with FIP.

Cat% sequence identityaSDNumber of sequencesGenBank accession number

Cat 599.90.001 JQ627055-60
Cat 698.00.028 JQ627061-66
Cat 799.60.000 JQ627067-68
Cat 8100.00.000 JQ627069-75
Cat 1199.90.001 JQ627078-84
Cat 1299.90.001 JQ627085-87

The percentage of the sequence identity was determined by comparison with the consensus sequences of the FCoV obtained from different samples of the same cat. SD: standard deviation.