Table 2: Relative odds for consent to biospecimen storage and future research in adult participants of the 2011-2012 NHANES aged 20 years or more.

Independent variables*OR95% CI value

Age (in years)
 20–391.977(0.910, 4.293)0.0851
 40–598.647(2.004, 37.317)0.0038
 Mexican-Asian1.589(0.191, 13.228)0.6683
 Other Hispanics0.210(0.073, 0.608)0.0040
 Non-Hispanic Black0.855(0.260, 2.807)0.7962
 Non-Hispanic Asian0.257(0.091, 0.725)0.0102
 Multiracial/other races0.221(0.044, 1.105)0.0660
 Race overall0.0085
 <9th grade0.518(0.211, 1.273)0.1518
 ≥high school
 Graduate/GED equivalent
4.463(0.603, 33.034)0.1430
 Education overall0.0997
Gender (female)0.564(0.270, 1.180)0.1284

Note: each row represents output of one simple logistic regression between consent (dependent variable) and the independent variable listed in this column.
Race determined by subject self-report, as recorded in NHANES code RIDRETH3.