The Scientific World Journal / 2014 / Article / Fig 4

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Molecular Cloning and Bioinformatics Analysis of a New Plasma Membrane Na+/H+ Antiporter Gene from the Halophyte Kosteletzkya virginica

Figure 4

Phylogeny of KvSOS1 and other Na+/H+ antiporter proteins derived from Populus trichocarpa (PtSOS1, XP_002315837.2), Populus euphratica (PeSOS1, ABF60872.1), Ricinus communis (RcSOS1, XP_002521897.1), Theobroma cacao (TcSOS1, EOY01238.1), Citrus sinensis (CsSOS1, XP_006492282.1), Glycine max (GmSOS1, AFD64746.1), Lolium perenne (LpSOS1, AAY42598.1), Solanum lycopersicum (SlSOS1, NP_001234698.1), Limonium gmelinii (LgSOS1, ACF05808.1), Arabidopsis thaliana (AtSOS1, AF256224_1), Theobroma cacao (TcNHX1, XP_007030791.1), Populus euphratica (PeNHX1, ACZ05630.1), Solanum torvum (StNHX1, AEN04067.1), Triticum aestivum (TaNHX1, AAS17949.1), Arabidopsis thaliana (AtNHX1, NP_198067.1), Halostachys caspica (HcNHX1, ADK62565.1), Zoysia japonica (ZjNHX1, ABY19311.2), and Aeluropus littoralis (AlNHX1, AAV80466.1).