The Scientific World Journal / 2014 / Article / Tab 6

Research Article

The Genetic Structure of Wild Orobanche cumana Wallr. (Orobanchaceae) Populations in Eastern Bulgaria Reflects Introgressions from Weedy Populations

Table 6

Number of emerged Orobanche cumana shoots per sunflower plant (mean ± standard deviation) in the evaluation of O. cumana populations CUMBUL-1, CUMBUL-2, and CUMBUL-4, collected in Bulgaria on Artemisia maritima, CUMBUL-5_1, collected in Bulgaria on Anthemis arvensis, OC-9, OC-11, and OC-13, collected in Bulgaria on cultivated sunflower, and OC-88, collected in Spain on cultivated sunflower, on six sunflower lines with different levels of genetic resistance, conducted in pots in 2008a. The O. cumana race to which each sunflower line is expected to be resistant (if any) is given in parenthesis.

B117bJ8281 (B)AC03-1589 (C)S1358 (D)P-1380 (E)P96 (F)

CUMBUL-2 0a0
OC-9 0a0
OC-11 0a0
OC-13 0a0
OC-88 0

Eight pots per each combination of sunflower cultivar and O. cumana population.
bMeans with different letters for each sunflower cultivar differ significantly ( ).
cNE = not evaluated.