The Scientific World Journal / 2014 / Article / Alg 1

Research Article

Prediction Based Proactive Thermal Virtual Machine Scheduling in Green Clouds

Algorithm 1

Proactive thermal VM scheduling.
IF (Event(Application_Arrival) ==TRUE)
 Put new request in waiting queue
 FOREACH physical machine in the Unified list
  If (current temperature < threshold temperature)
   Estimate for each node and put in the predict queue
 Sort predict Queue in the decreasing order of
 FOREACH VM request in waiting queue
  Check availability of VM in the first node in predict queue
  IF Available then allocate VM to this VMRequest
   Update Unified and Local lists.
   Check next node in the Predict Queue till last node is reached
  IF no node is available
   Event(Activate_SM) and allocate VMRequest to a new VM on this SM.
IF (Event(Application_Complete) ==TRUE)
  Update Unified and local lists
 IF(Active_VM_Count == 0)
  Update Unified and Local lists.