The Scientific World Journal / 2014 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Effects of Outlets on Cracking Risk and Integral Stability of Super-High Arch Dams

Table 4

Dam displacement at the downstream side along the river direction under various analysis cases (unit: mm).

CaseLevel position (m)610590560520480440400360332

Case ALeft arch abutment5.37.815.218.223.823.727.427.223.7
Arch crown94.899.8103.9106.9100.589.372.248.825.3
Right arch abutment3.55.110.415.620.425.529.525.421.2

Case BLeft arch abutment5.77.915.318.724.323.928.728.224.3
Arch crown95.3100.4104.7108.5102.390.973.750.226.7
Right arch abutment3.76.411.716.721.426.930.226.321.4