The Scientific World Journal / 2014 / Article / Tab 1

Research Article

The Impact of Precipitation Regimes on Forest Fires in Yunnan Province, Southwest China

Table 1

Climate, vegetation, and topography for five ecoregions in Yunnan province.

EcoregionElevation rage (m)Mean annual
precipitation (mm)
Climatic typeVegetation type

I1000–18001300–2000WetTropical seasonal rainforest
II1500–20001000–1600SemiwetSubtropical evergreen broadleaved forest
III1800–3600800–1000SemiwetSubtropical evergreen broadleaf and coniferous forest
IV3000800–900SemidrySubtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest
V4000600–700SemidryBoreal coniferous forests,meadows