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Sequence Variation in Toxoplasma gondii rop17 Gene among Strains from Different Hosts and Geographical Locations

Table 1

Details of Toxoplasma gondii strains used in the present study.

StrainHostGeographical originGenotype*

GT1GoatUnited StatesReference, Type I
PTGSheepUnited StatesReference, Type II, ToxoDB number 1
CTGCatUnited StatesReference, Type III, ToxoDB number 2
TgCatBr5CatBrazilReference, ToxoDB number 19
TgCatBr64CatBrazilReference, ToxoDB number 111
TgCgCa1CougarCanadaReference, ToxoDB number 66
TgToucan (TgRsCr1)ToucanCosta RicaReference, ToxoDB number 52
TgPLhPigChinaType I, ToxoDB number 10
QHOSheepChinaType II, ToxoDB number 1
TgWtdSc40White-tailed deerUnited StatesType 12, ToxoDB number 5

on genotyping results of Zhou et al. [15, 16] and Su et al. [17].