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Aromatic Amino Acid Mutagenesis at the Substrate Binding Pocket of Yarrowia lipolytica Lipase Lip2 Affects Its Activity and Thermostability

Figure 2

Effect of temperature on lipase activity and thermostability. (a) Effect of temperature on lipase activity. Lipase activity was detected in 50 mmol PBS, pH 8.0 under different temperatures (25–55°C; temperature interval is 5°C). (b) Thermal stability of three lipases. Lipases were incubated at 40°C for different durations and residual activities were measured under standard assay conditions (50 mmol PBS, pH 8.0, and 40°C). The activity at 0 h (nonincubated) was taken as 100%. The values represent the means of three independent experiments (mean ± SD). WT, V94W, and I100F were shown as triangle (▲), circle (●), and square (■).