Research Article

Developing Tools for Identifying Employer and Employee Satisfaction of Nursing New Graduates in China

Table 1

Items of tools for employment relevant satisfaction.

ItemsImportance (%)Standard deviation

Employer satisfaction 54.399.47
Theoretical knowledge (basic medical knowledge, nursing professional knowledge, and social scientific knowledge)25.635.9
Moral base and personal values (moral qualities, humanitarianism attitude, team work attitude, and basic job attitude)26.561.49
Core nursing competencies (critical thinking and research, clinical nursing, leadership, interpersonal relationship, law and ethics practice, professional development, education, and consultation)29.387.93
Health situation (physical fitness, mentality, and social adaptability)19.824.81

Employee satisfaction 45.617.24
Employment  situation (hospital size, hospital facilities, city size, interpersonal relationship, work atmosphere, rules and regulations, and work security)18.118.46
Job stability (term of labor contract, type of labor contract)19.136.55
Job remuneration (wage, bonus, welfare, and insurance)22.088.21
Personal development (promotion opportunity, further study opportunity, challenging work, education participation, work and interesting match, research making opportunity, personal ability playing, and leaders’ attention)24.069.64
Work-life balance (work hours, work intensity, family attitude, and work pressure)16.626.05