The Scientific World Journal / 2014 / Article / Tab 1

Review Article

Review of Development Survey of Phase Change Material Models in Building Applications

Table 1

Properties of phase change materials.

ThermophysicalNucleation and crystal growthChemicalEconomics

(i) Melting temperature
(ii) High latent heat of fusion
(iii) High specific heat
(iv) High thermal conductivity
(v) Small volume change on phase transformation and small vapor pressure
(vi) Congruent melting of the PCM for a constant storage capacity
(vii) Reproducible phase change
(i) High nucleation rate to avoid sub cooling of liquid phase
(ii) High rate of crystal growth
(i) Complete reversible freeze/melt cycle
(ii) No degradation after a large number of freeze/melt cycle
(iii) No corrosiveness
(iv) Nontoxic,
(v) Non flammable
(vi) Nonexplosive
(i) Abundant
(ii) Available
(iii) Cost effective
(iv) Easy recycling and treatment
(v) Good environmental performance