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Morphological Characteristics of Renal Artery and Kidney in Rats

Table 3

Shows the study carried out by Marques-Sampaio et al. (2007) [11] to study the variations of the dorsal division (Dd) and ventral division (Vd) of the renal artery and their respective findings were compared to the present study.

et al., (2007) [11]
Present study

Total of kidneys

TypesDd VdDdVdDdVd

Type Ia64.2%67.3%30.32517.924.1
Type Ib25.2%21%55.564.360.853.7
Type Ic3.2%6.3%3.6001.7
Type Id1.1%1.1%8.910.717.817.8
Type Ie03.2%0000
Type II6.3%3.21.703.51.7