Table 1: The key concept and parameters of the ACO model corresponding with the arch dam.

ConceptDefine corresponding with the arch dam

Parameter discreteEach group of concrete or rock mechanical parameters corresponds to a group of displacements and these displacements are defined as computed data. As the value of each parameter is continuous, some discrete points are chosen within the range.

AntAn ant is an agent which moves between parameter discrete points. Each ant can choose a group of parameters during each search.

Objective function is expressed as the sum of the squares of the errors between the computed displacements and the field monitored displacements. is the vector of the mechanical parameters to be analyzed.

Pheromone updateThe object of pheromone updating is to study the influence of material parameters on the modified ACO algorithm.

Inversion parameterTo find a group of parameters that contains every parameter and minimizes the value of .

Edge Relationship of the discrete points between two adjacent parameters, for example, each of 50 discrete points of two adjacent parameters, there are 2,500 edges between parameters.

One cycleIncluding two searches: “moveahead” and “moveback,” and output is two times parameters

One tour A group of parameters, the tour is optimized depending on , average value of all the relating to ants choosing edge ( , )