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Radioimmunotherapy: A Specific Treatment Protocol for Cancer by Cytotoxic Radioisotopes Conjugated to Antibodies

Table 2

Anticancer RITs reported in this century.

CancerTarget moleculemAbRadioisotopeSubjectReference

Direct method
Non-Hodgkin lymphomaCD20IbritumomabY-90Human (in clinical use)[33]
  TositumomabI-131Human (in clinical use)[31, 33, 34]
  RituximabI-131Human (phase II)[3537]
CD22EpratuzumabY-90Human (phase II)[32, 38, 39]
Myeloid leukemiaCD33LintuzumabBi-213Human (phase II)[40, 41]
Raji B-lymphomaCD74L243Ga-67Cell[42]
Colorectal cancerCarcinoembryonic antigen (CEA)cT84.66Y-90Human (phase I)[54, 55]
A33 glycoproteinhuA33At-211Mouse xenograft model[62]
Colorectal cancer (liver metastases)CEAF6 F(ab′)2I-131Human (phase II)[58]
CEA-related cell adhesion moleculeLabetuzumabI-131Human (phase II)[63, 64]
Gastrointestinal cancerCEAA5B7I-131Human (phase I)[48]
Breast cancerHER-2TrastuzumabY-90Mouse xenograft model[66]
    Pb-212Human (phase I)[68]
Ovarian cancerNa-dependent phosphate transporterMX35 F(ab′)2At-211Human (phase I)[73]
Prostate cancerMUC-1m170Y-90Human (phase I)[75, 76]
  J591Y-90Human (phase I)[77]
    Lu-177Human (phase I)[78]
    Bi-213Mouse xenograft model[79]
Multiple myelomaCD138Anti CD138 AbBi-213Mouse xenograft model[20]

Indirect method
Non-Hodgkin lymphomaCD20TF4 (HSG)Y-90Mouse xenograft model[100, 101]
  1F5(scFv)4 (streptavidin)Y-90Mouse xenograft model[102]
CD20, CD22, HLA-DRCorresponding Abs (streptavidin)Y-90Mouse xenograft model[103]
Colon cancerCEAhBS14 (HSG)Y-90Mouse xenograft model[96]
  MN14 (MORF)Re-188Mouse xenograft model[98]
Ep-CAMNR-LU-10 (HSG)Y-90Human (phase II)[87]
Gastrointestinal cancerTAG-72CC49-(scFv)4 (streptavidin)Y-90Human (phase I)[104]
GliomaTenascinBC4 (biotin)Y-90Human (phase II)[105]

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