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Assessment of the GHG Reduction Potential from Energy Crops Using a Combined LCA and Biogeochemical Process Models: A Review

Table 1

Models mostly used for GHG simulation of energy plant.

ModelStudy object Study area Author(s)

Tier 1Vegetation Global Ruesch and Gibbs 2008 [35]
Eucalyptus regnans forestsAustralianKeith et al. 2009 [36]

SWATBiofuelJames River Basin of the Midwestern United StatesWu et al. 2012 [40]

PnETForest ecosystemsNortheastern USAAber et al. 2005 [41]
Tropical rainforest ecosystemsWet tropics of Australia and Costa RicaKiese et al. 2005 [42]
WetlandNorthern AmericaZhang et al. 2002 [43]

DAYCENTDry grassland, wet managed grassland, and wet crop land systemsMinneapolis, Minnesota, USAParton et al. 1994 [49]
CropsUSAdel Grosso et al. 2005 [50]
Corn, wheat, and soybeanWorldwidedel Grosso et al. 2009 [53]
SwitchgrassThe Central Valley of CaliforniaLee et al. 2012 [54]

RothCCroplandEuropean Russia and the UkraineSmith et al. 2007 [59]
Nonwaterlogged soilsGermany, England, the USA, the Czech Republic, and AustraliaColeman et al. 1997 [60]
Miscanthus, poplar, winter wheat, and oilseed rapeEngland and WalesHillier et al. 2009 [65]

Biome-BGCQuercus ilex L., Quercus cerris L., and Pinus pinaster Ait.The Mediterranean area Chiesi et al. 2007 [67]
Beech, oak, pine, and spruceCentral-European forestryCienciala and Tatarinov 2006 [68]
ForestCentral-European forestrySchmid et al. 2006 [69]
ForestSwedenLagergren et al. 2006 [70]

BiomeNorway spruceAustrianEastaugh et al. 2011 [71]
Jatropha curcas LinnaeusGlobalLi et al. 2010 [72]