Table 1: Typical waste streams from the wood furniture industry.

Solid WastesAir EmissionsWater Emissions

(i) Sawdust(i) Solvents from coating operation(i) Boiler blowdown
(ii) Wood scraps(ii) Solvents from stripping operation(ii) Cooling tower blowdown
(iii) Sanding dust(iii) Solvents from cleaning operation(iii) Waterwall spray booth blowdown
(iv) Boiler ash(iv) Wood dust(iv) Air compressor condensate
(v) Packing materials (boxes, crates, etc.)(v) Boiler combustion gases(v) Plating tank rinse water
(vi) Empty containers(vi) Glues(vi) Rag washwater
(vii) Maintenance materials
(viii) Spray booth solids or liquids and filters
(ix) Spray gun cleaning solutions
(x) Stripping solids and solutions
(xi) Off-spec finishing materials
(xii) Dip tank solids
(xiii) Spills/contaminated dirt and so forth
(xiv) Rags from wipe down