Table 2: Energy and environmental management matrix.

LevelEnergy and environmental policyOrganisingStaff motivationTracking, monitoring, and reporting systemsStaff awareness/training and promotionInvestment

4Active commitment of top management. Energy management and environmental performance fully integrated into management structureClear delegation of responsibility for energy consumption and environmental performanceFormal and informal channels of communication regularly exploited by energy and environmental managers and staff at all levelsComprehensive system sets targets, monitors consumption, identifies faults, quantifies savings, and provides budget trackingMarketing the value of energy efficiency and environmental management practice both within the organisation and outside itPositive discrimination in favour of energy saving and “green” schemes

3Formal policy, but no active commitment from top management
Energy and environmental managers accountable to appropriate committeeEnergy and environmental committee used as main channel together with direct contact with major users
Monitoring and targeting reports for individual premises based on submetering, but energy savings and waste reductions not reported effectively to usersProgram of staff training, awareness, and regular publicity campaignsCursory appraisal of new building, equipment, and refurbishment opportunities

2Unadopted policy set by energy and environmental managersDesignated energy and environmental managers, reporting to ad hoc committee, but line management and authority unclear.Contact with major users through ad-hoc committee chaired by senior departmental managerMonitoring and targeting reports based on supply meter dataEnergy and environmental unit have ad-hoc involvement in budget setting. Some ad-hoc staff awareness and trainingInvestment with short term pay back only

1An unwritten set of guidelines. Energy and environmental management the part-time responsibility of someone with limited authority and influenceInformal contacts between energy and environmental managers and a few users
Cost reporting based on invoice data
Managers compile reports for internal use within technical departmentInformal contacts used to promote energy and environmental efficiency
Only low-cost measures taken

0No explicit policy. No managers or any formal delegation of responsibilityNo contact with users
No information system
No accounting for energy consumption and waste generationNo marketing or promotion of energy and environmental efficiencyNo investment in increasing energy and environmental efficiency