The Scientific World Journal / 2014 / Article / Tab 1

Clinical Study

Use of Electrocautery for Coagulation and Wound Complications in Caesarean Sections

Table 1

Demographic characteristics, parity, and prenatal care in pregnant women submitted to C-sections with and without the use of electrocautery.

VariableWith electrocauteryWithout electrocautery
MeanSDMedian MeanSDMedian

Age (years)10924.96.523.011124.56.423.0
Schooling (years)10910.01.711.0111 9.71.811.0
Caesarean sections1090.340.480.001110.380.490.00
Weight (kg) at first antenatal visit 10964.916.261.011166.215.664.0
Weight (kg) at final antenatal visit 10976.816.973.011177.315.376.0
Initial BMI10925.35.923.610825.45.025.0
Gestational age (weeks)10839.11.839.410739.01.739.3

BMI: body mass index; SD: standard deviation.