Research Article

Automated Long-Term Monitoring of Parallel Microfluidic Operations Applying a Machine Vision-Assisted Positioning Method

Figure 2

(a) Device configuration of a 32-chamber device. The channels have been filled with dyes for better visualization. Left inset (scale bar: 500 μm): microchamber region including an alignment mark (upper left inset; scale bar: 250 μm), a side channel with its control valves, and the row-selection valves. The darker circle in the chamber indicates a deeper microwell. Upper inset (scale bar: 500 μm): liquid multiplexor for selection of one inlet liquid from a total of eight choices and upper multiplexor for column selection. Lower inset (scale bar: 500 μm): lower multiplexor for column selection, side channel control, peristaltic micropump, and liquid outlet. Scale bar in the whole-chip photograph represents a length of 5 mm. (b) Procedures of dye injection into a chamber and the following washing step. Scale bar: 250 μm. (c) A checker pattern of dyes with two different colors injected in the microfluidic device.