The Scientific World Journal / 2014 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Burden and Depressive Symptoms Associated with Adult-Child Caregiving for Individuals with Heart Failure

Table 4

Linear regression analysis for depressive symptoms of caregivers.

Clinical characteristics95% confidence interval

Age of patient0.2813.1340.0020.0710.316
Age of caregiver−0.034−0.2940.769−0.2440.181
Gender of patient0.1481.5620.121−0.6985.913
Gender of caregiver−0.227−2.4580.015−7.430−0.799
Educational status of patient0.0260.2610.795−2.3573.072
Educational status of caregiver−0.084−0.9570.341−2.7030.942
Socioeconomic status of patient0.2814.160<0.0013.4909.832
Socioeconomic status of caregiver−0.136−1.4650.146−5.9890.895
Marital status of patient0.2062.3150.0223.4860.272
Marital status of caregiver0.2702.6400.0091.3609.523

ZCBS: Zarit Caregiver Burden Scale; STAI-1: State Subscale of State-Trait Anxiety Inventory; STAI-2: Trait Subscale of State-Trait Anxiety Inventory; CT: caregiving time.